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2018 Cavallotto Pinot Nero en Bianco “Pinner”

Crazy White Wine From Piedmont
July 22, 2019


Alfio Cavallotto

“Alfio knows what he is doing”     


Alfio and Giuseppe Cavallotto run one of the best wineries in the world and make some truly amazing Barolo. In addition, Alfio is crazy and I believe it was his idea to make a white wine out of the small Pinot Nero vineyard his father planted. The 2018 Cavallotto Pinot Nero en Bianco “Pinner” has just been released. If you like a very well structured and delicious white wine that is unique, try this.

A couple of weeks ago Alfio and I were having lunch in Castiglione and we started with the 2014 Pinner. This was still very fresh and mineral with perhaps a more decidedly floral character. Very very nice indeed. After the skins are removed the grapes go through whole berry gentle pneumatic pressing and a 45 day low pressure fermentation with natural yeast. It then spends nine months on the lees.

So what you get is an eminently enjoyable wine that also has texture and complexity. It is perfectly good now and will age well for ten years or so.


Wine will arrive Tuesday.

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2018 Cavallotto Pinot Nero en Bianco “Pinner”: Pale bright yellow. Leads with fruit, pear, apple, and pineapple with white flower notes. Layered texture and a fresh mineral quality that is perfectly balanced. Excellent 32/bottle


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           - Peter Hemenway