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2018 Ca Viola Barbera d'Alba Brichet

It Rings the Bell
November 2, 2021


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Beppe Ca Viola

In addition to being one of Italy’s best consulting winemakers and producing excellent wines on his estate in Piedmont, Beppe Ca Viola is a magician. You can feel this when visiting his vineyards and winery, and you can feel it when you taste his wines.

Beppe has long been an advocate of sustainable farming and allowing his wine to express the terroir of their homes. The 2018 Ca Viola Barbera d’Alba Brichet is one of those wines that rings a bell in my head when I taste it. The grapes are from Beppe’s vineyards in the village of Montelupo (Wolf Mountain). The vines are high altitude, and the fermentation is indigenous.

Barbera was the second grape of Piedmont for a few hundred years. Then some people began to understand how you could make excellent wine with it. They have been playing with that concept for about 50 years now. Montelupo is an excellent site for Barbera. Beppe makes his to allow the great natural attributes of the grape to express themselves. It is, in a sense, the easiest Italian wine for us to like and appreciate.

The 2018 Ca Viola Barbera d’Alba Brichet has the grape’s naturally high acidity in perfect ratio and has a smooth and easy flavor due to naturally low tannins. It is still complex and goes well with a wide range of foods. Everyone loves this wine, and that is the magic.


2018 Ca Viola Barbera d’Alba Brichet:  Ruby red. Aromas and fresh plum and pomegranate flavors with wildflowers and roses, with spic notes of clove and cinnamon. Notes of mushrooms in the completely balanced finish. Excellent  21/bottle


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