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2018 Barale Fratelli Barolo di Barolo

Tradition Tradition Tradition
February 2, 2023


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Barale Sisters


The Barale family history began with the founding of the winery in 1870 by Carlo Barale and continued with Grandson Sergio taking over in 1978. Family land holdings are among the most envied in Barolo, including the Bussia, Cannubi, and Castellero vineyards. Vines are generally old and are some of the most sought-after historic Nebbiolo clones. Despite evolving fashion and the emergence of modern trends in recent decades, the Barale family never strayed from authentic, traditional expressions of Barolo. 

Sergio Barale’s daughters Eleonora and Gloria have taken the reins, doubling down on the traditional cellar and natural farming approach that has withstood the test of time. Walking through their vineyards, you see the land is alive.

These wines are for those who prize power through grace and precise, nuanced wines. The wine ages beautifully, too.

2018 Barale Barolo di Barolo: Beautiful ruby. Dark cherry, roses, and deep balsamic aromas with notes of Asian spice. You can fully enjoy this wine just for its fragrance. The flavors are complex and nuanced, with ample tannin and a long smooth finish. Outstanding  61/bottle


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