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2017 Smith + Hook Cabernet Sauvignon

Comfort Wine for Comfort Food
November 8, 2019


Smith and Hook


It will be a dark and stormy night, cold too, but after work you look forward to a nice warming stew waiting for you at home. Even if it's just a burger, or leftover chicken, we found a wine that will make it something special.

2017 Smith and Hook Cabernet Sauvignon comes from five vineyards in California’s Central Coast. Like many wines from that area it is smooth and rich, caressing to the palate. Unlike Cabernets from other regions, it's not sharp, hard or edgy, but it does have, that note of herbal nut that makes Cabernet so distinctive. Its character comes  modulated under a creamy fruit cloak, given spice by the faintest hint of caramel.

Smith and Hook have been making estate Central Coast Cabernet in the for over 30 years. They've learned how to make wine that is full, balanced, and not over-the-top. This will do as well for your weekend steak as for your weekday burger

We've tried a lot of other Central Coast cabs. This one immediately struck us as being as good and as ready as several more expensive ones, and great value for the price.

2017 Smith & Hook Cabernet Sauvignon; Color: very dark black; Aroma: heady rich very dense, rather full, smooth,  very rich thick, Black currant witha light mint note; Mouth: juicy  bright thick, creamy oak & fruit, nicely textured, with a smooth mouthfeel;, a nice bright acid note on the finish; Very Good Plus 19.99; Mixed Case, 17.99; Case, 16.99


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Len Rothenberg


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           - Len Rothenberg