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2016 Rivera Il Falcone Castel del Monte Riserva

Great Red Wine Unique to Puglia
January 9, 2023


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Il Falcone


Rivera is one of the great wine estates of southern Italy. Their vineyards date back to the Trojan war. They champion a grape variety called Nero di Troia which, over the centuries, they have cultivated to produce a profound and balanced red wine. The 2016 Rivera Il Falcone Castel del Monte Riserva is the current release.

The estate was founded by the DeCorato family to showcase the unique wines of this area in Puglia. The Il Falcone shows the essential character and elegance of Nero di Troia. Today the winery is run by Sebastiano and Marco. 

The family selected the Il Falcone name as a tribute to Frederick II of Swabia, who passionately loved falconry. Frederick II was an amazing part of medieval history. He was also the king of Sicily, the king of Jerusalem, and the emperor of Rome. In the early 1100’s he built a hunting castle in the mountains of Puglia called Castel del Monte. Today Castel del Monte is next to the Rivera estate and is the local DOC for wine.

2016 Rivera Il Falcone Castel del Monte Riserva: Violet, dark cherry, blueberry leather, and smoky herb. Notes of well-integrated spicy oak and well-structured tannin. Long finish. Will age well. Excellent 37/bottle


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