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2016 Ollier-Taillefer Faugeres

Schist Speaks in a Deliciously Satisfying Red
September 15, 2021



More likely than not, you have not heard of Faugeres. Pronounced Foe zhair, this small region lies a thousand feet above and fifteen or so miles from the Mediterranean. Rocky and windswept, its intense sun and thin soils make strong-flavored reds from the Syrah, Grenache, and Carignan that make Rhone wines so rich and satisfying. They have the flavor and intensity of the Rhone while being more moderate in alcohol.

Faugeres has something the Rhone does not. Its stone is schist which holds water and the sun's heat like Chateauneuf du Pape's cailloux, but it speaks through a wine, giving it a keening edge, mineral rather than acid, which Rhone wines do not have. It can add a tasteful overtone to a wine that wine lovers prize as breed. 

 Brother and sister Luc and Fran├žoise Ollier work their vineyard in the highest part of Faugeres. They farm their vines organically, sustainably and are sustainable artisans in their winemaking. Their 70-year-old Carignan vines give breed and higher-toned lift, a lovely counterpoint to the richer, lower tones of Syrah and grenache.

Faugeres is often overlooked because it is in the hinterlands of Languedoc. We came upon this wine languishing on the importer's shelves. In that time, it has been maturing, getting better.  The 2016 vintage is delicious now.

Paradoxically even though this fine southern red has come into its drinking own, we can offer it at a price well below its value. The importer has to move it from their warehouse to make room for newer wines. We took all we could get. You can get this bargain yourself, but we only have 10 cases. It is incredible value at our 15.99 case price

2016 Ollier-Taillefer Faugeres Les Collines Rouges - Organic; Color: medium dark; Aroma: rather intense schist high-toned spice, rich, plump, with earthy notes; Mouth: rich rounded, light on affect with good fine acid, plump, finishes long sweet mine, long; Very Good - Excellent 18.99;


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           - Len Rothenberg



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