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2016 Georg Breuer Sauvage Riesling

A Riesling Anthem In Full Voice
April 7, 2020


Breur Sauvage

Theresa Breuer continues to produce some of the Rheingau’s finest, purest and most elegant lean but complex dry Rieslings,

Stephen Reinhard, Wine Advocate

Georg Breuer is one of the finest Riesling estates in all of Germany. I feel that in the Rheingau it is what J J Prum is in the Mosel. Like Prum it is a small estate devoted to quality whose wines are  powerful, intense,  pure renditions of Riesling. Unlike the traditional Prum semi-sweet style, Breuer wines are proudly drier They were  among the region’s pioneers in that style. The iconic Breuer single vineyard Rusdesheim and Rauenthal  G G are rarities that fetch three figure prices from avid collectors.

They pay three figures a bottle for the elegance and poise that results from great winemaking expressing a great vineyard’s character in a pleasing and sensuous manner.

Most of us can't afford that too often.

BUT if you would like great winemaking (and damn fine grapes) we have Breuer that you can and will enjoy every day. 

Sauvage Riesling is Breuer’s more basic dry wine made from  both estate and purchased fruit from some of the Rheingau’s premier areas, but the 2016 has the power, intensity, and balance that you would find in its more expensive siblings.

The 2016 is a Riesling anthem expressed  in a powerful chorus of cool lime, slate and overtones of peach. It sings on the palate. Its concentration makes it seem weightier that its low alcohol would indicate.  It fills the palate and It wants any kind of seafood from oysters to trout. It's strong enough to cool the heat of the spiciest of Thai dishes.

It exceeds in power and is comparable in quality to some of the finer deals in white Burgundy that we've offered recently. Like them it was originally offered at more than $25 a bottle but we are offering it at $19.99, 16.99 by the case

This is the most Riesling for the lowest price that we have ever offered. We loved it. You will also.

David Schildknecht in Vinous waxed more rhapsodic than I.

“Fresh lime and apricot are garlanded in gentian and violet on the nose – which also catches a whiff of sea breeze – and continue on a polished and delightfully buoyant (11.5% alcohol) palate. Lime zest and apricot kernel serve for invigoration and marine salinity for saliva-inducement in an exuberantly juicy and refreshing finish transparent to shimmering stony nuances. I often prefer the Breuers’ legally halbtrocken [off dry] cuvée to this “Sauvage” due to the added delicacy and florality that the former offers; but this particular installment of “Sauvage” emphatically ticks those boxes.”


It will carry you and your palate happily through this spring and summer.


2016 Georg Breuer Riesling Sauvage; Aroma: vibrant notes of lime, slate , and a hint of peach; Mouth: intense & mouthfllling, forward and exciting, the lime  with an added saline note, juicy, and lon; Very Good - Excellent 19.99; Special Case; 203.88, 16.99


Arrives tomorrow


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           - Len Rothenberg