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A Poised Pinot Noir - 2016 Daniel Crochet Sancerre Rouge
August 12, 2020


For me good Pinot Noir is wine of a fragile balance, a tripod of fruit, acid and mineral. Fruit ripeness overbears too many New World renditions, (and some Old) Many French versions can be too acid. Mineral can be too much or too little. (IMHO oak obliterates the whole enterprise)

It was a pleasure to taste this wine. It is not grand vin but showed this balance in a lighter, simpler, purer mode. Daniel is a cousin of the Crochet you may know. In a region better known for its Sauvignon Blanc, he did a more than creditable job making this wine, leaving it a year in barrel and one in tank. It is a pinot bonsai tree , the smaller echoing the fineness of the great. It is simple, but simple and poised beats blowsy or shrill any day, especially at its price.


2016 Daniel Crochet Sancerre Rougeorganic; Color: dark somewhat opaque; Aroma: plummy and bright, nicely herbal acid gives way to a rounded restrained fruit; Mouth: clean transparent nice depth, rather fine, poised nicely between edge, plum and mineral. A peaceful and pretty whole.; Very Good  - (for poise) Excellent 23.99; Mixed 12 with others, 21.59; Case, 19.99


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           - Len Rothenberg




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