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2016 BaronArques Limoux

Grill with a Rothschild
July 16, 2022




Philippine Rothschild, partner in Opus One and proprietor of Bordeaux's vaunted Chateau Mouton-Rothschild, was one of the earlier elite producers to appreciate the quality potential of specific vineyards in the south of France

in 1998. She purchased an ancient estate in Limoux in the hinterlands of Languedoc. She aimed to use the care and techniques of Mouton Rothschild to emulate its style and quality there. Her sons, who have taken over, are well on their way to that goal.

The estate is Domaine de Baronarques. Its grand vinlabeled simply Baronarques, melds Bordeaux and the Mediterranean. On the Bordeaux side, it is St. Emilion-like, with Merlot's breadth given backbone by Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. Syrah and Malbec add southern warmth and spice.

The 2016 is one of the better recent vintages. The wine rises in the nose, rich and full like a Right Bank entering its maturity, given an extra dimension with a ping of sweet cumin. The mouth follows through with Merlot's soft breadth over rounded Cabernet tannins and sweet spice. There is just enough of the last to make it pair well with smoked meats as well as anything on the grill. 

Two major French wine journals, the Guide Hachette and Bettane Desseauve, called the estate's wines valeur sure -real value. You would expect to pay much more for a wine of this pedigree and care in production. But at $42 per bottle, you can't go wrong unless you forgo our special deal on the six-bottle wooden case for 215.94 (35.99)

2016 Baronarques  Bettane & Desseauve "Magnificent nose, both powerful and elegant. The fruit is complex and pure, with pleasant notes of spices and garrigue. Its wood is completely integrated, its mouth powerful, massive while managing to stay quite elegant. Alcohol does not overpower the fruit; its freshness balances the whole."


2016 Domaine de Baronarques Excellent   $42

Special six-bottle wood case price 215.94, (35.99)

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           - Len Rothenberg




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