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Cherry and Nektar, Wine and Cider

Last week we tasted a lineup of meads and ciders from the elusive B. Nektar.  All of the entries were well received and each one was a favorite in its own right.
March 1, 2017


Stupid Man Suit: The second favorite of the night. It is a laid back drink with a feeling of tannin to balance the underlying sweetness. $9.00

Zombie Killer:  Everyone liked the sweet juiciness of the initial zombie. Not overly complex just an easy clean drink. $9.00

Mutant Zombie Killer Manhattan Project Thingy: A more delicate and lively version that a lot of people enjoyed. The structure was more balance and on point in comparison to the Zombie takes Manhattan. $12.00

Zombies Take Manhattan: Tasters enjoyed the rich spices and honeyed sweetness and hint of vanilla that the wood brings out. $20.00

Dwarf Invasion: The balance and complexity surprised tasters.  The hop aroma and slight bitterness complimented the sweetness. $9.00

Cherry Chipotle: Easily the favorite hands down. People loved the dynamic of sweet cherry and spicy peppers. $14.00


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            - Drew Croswell


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