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Refreshing Loire Values

The white wines performed as expected but seemed a bit softer and more evolved than my tasting notes below would have shown.
May 10, 2017


The white wines performed as expected but seemed a bit softer and more evolved than my tasting notes below would have shown. 

The Gadais Muscadet and the Berthier Coteaux Giennois Sauvignon Blanc both showed more fruit and less acid in their balance than they did to me a few months ago. The Coteaux Giennois showed more generous than my notes and was virtually like a junior Pouilly Fume to which it is neighbor. Peop-le thought it good value for the price.

The Godon Sancerre was also popular, one of the more characterful at the price.

The 2015 Couly-Dutheil Blanc de Franc (not legally a Chinon, although the grapes are from there since Chinon is not permitted as a name for white wine made from Cabernet Franc), caused some disagreement among the tasters. Some liked its friendly juicy fruit; others did not know what to make of it. Nonetheless it was orered. We have 9 bottles left.

People broadly liked the Rochouard St. Nicolas de Bourgueil Pierre du Lane's classic cabernet franc flavors and generous fruit . Some said it would be a great grill wine.

There was a snafu with the Olga Raffault Chinon Les Picasses. We got the 2011, a lighter, smoother vintage than the 2010 I described. people liked it and it sold out at the tasting. However we received some of the 2010 later, so if you ordered from last week's email you will get that. There are only 6 bottle left of this classic.


2015 Gadais Muscadet Sevre et Maine Sur Lie Grand Reserve; Aroma: flinty grapey, clean, firm acid, striking, lightly mineral herb; Mouth: round lightly fizzy, fleshy bright clean,, fresh herbal acid finish; Very Good Plus 13.99; Mixed Case, 12.59; Case, 11.89

2015 Florian & Clement Berthier Coteaux Giennois; Aroma: closed dense, clean,; Mouth: fine acidity, delineated, juicy, earthy clean, racy firm, acidity, taught sweet acid clean, firm, piercing; Very Good Plus 15.99; Mixed Case, 14.39; Case, 13.59

2015 Godon Sancerre Tradition; Aroma: lightly grapefruit lightly lightly chalky rather firm; Mouth: bright rather rounded very sweet very rich full, fat; Very Good Plus 21; Mixed Case, 18.9; Case, 17.85

2015 Couly-Dutheil Blanc de Franc; Aroma: Rounded flinty juicy in the background; Mouth: Juicy peach, rich sweet clean fresh and round, joyful; Very Good Plus 23.99; Mixed Case, 21.59; Case, 20.39


2014 Domaine Rochouard St. Nicolas de Bourgueil Pierre du Lane; Aroma: Heady rather dense, fullish; Mouth: Juicy rather dense thick, spicy, nice weight and body, satisfying; Very Good Plus 18.99; Mixed Case, 17.09; Case, 16.14

2010 Olga Raffault Chinon Les Picasses; Color: medium red black; Aroma: heady earthy rather dense, low toned, firm; Mouth: juicy rather dense, fullish, pretty, the dusty cocoa of classic and elegant Loire Cabernet franc, firm structure; Very Good - Excellent 26.99; Mixed Case, 24.29 bottles left

5-10 Loire Case: Special, two each of the above wines - $206

Instore only 5-10 Loire Pack: Special, one each of the above wines - $109


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            - Len Rothenberg


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