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Gaja Piedmont

Peter writes, "Last week tasters were lucky enough to sample four of the red wines from Angelo Gaja in Piedmont. This is certainly not an everyday experience."
December 5, 2018


Peter continues,

Ashley Kent from importer Terlato and distributor Bob Zohn were here to inform us just how great are the people and the wines of Gaja.

We began with the 2015 Gaja Sito Moresco which is a blend of four varieties and is made to be complex and approachable at the same time. It is also one of Angelo’s most affordable wines. The next three are all 100% Nebbiolo. The 2014 Gaja Barolo Dagromis is a blend of two vineyards. This wine became more open as the tasting went on and sold well. We would still recommend holding it for a few years.

Speaking of that, the 2015 Gaja Barbaresco was tight as a drum. Still the special qualities were evident and many tasters commented on how great this would become. The last wine was the 2013 Gaja Barolo Conteisa and this was showing the best. A couple of years of age and a truly great vintage both came into play. Lots of people were shaking their heads.

Thanks to Ashley and BZ and thanks to everyone who came to taste. They have extended special prices to us, so that we can extend our special tasting prices through orders placed by this Friday.


2015 Gaja Sito Moresco : Ruby red. Fragrant fruit with cherries and plum. Herbal and floral notes and a touch of cinnamon. Balanced and accessible. Very Good to Excellent 60/bottle Tasting special: 51/bottle net 

2014 Gaja Barolo Dagromis: Garnet red with ruby reflections. Red berries and flowers with notes of licorice dried herbs and spices. Solid structure and a finessed style. Excellent  99/bottle -Tasting special: 84/bottle net 

2015 Gaja Barbaresco: This is a very impressive wine. Depth and harmony with energetic fruit. Spice, orange peel and violet with appealing powerful structure. Outstanding  264/bottle Tasting special: 225/bottle net 

2013 Gaja Barolo Conteisa: Firmly structured elegant palate with red berries, plum, framboise and licorice. Sumptuous texture with integrated tannins and silky bright acidity. Outstanding  285/bottle Tasting special: 242/bottle net 

Special Tasting prices only through Friday at 7 PM


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           - Peter Hemenway