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Loire Winemaker Arnaud Lambert

It is always tempting to see a man reflected in his work. Arnaud Lambert was likeable, modest and unassuming, Open and direct, he was matter-of-fact and without hype or pretense.
August 15, 2018


Likewise his wines were not overblown; they were composed and very accessible. They pleased tasters very much, All were popular and more than usual at our tastings went to tasters' homes that night.

The two sparkling wines were the most popular by a nose, especially the Crémant de Loire which got many favorable comments for its sheer pleasure. It was the most purchased by the largest number of people. The Crémant de Loire Rose showed Cabernet Franc in its softer, fruitier side. Tasters found in it both character and amiability.

It was the same with the two Cab Franc reds. The 2016 Saumur Clos Mazurique was open and friendly, light to medium bodied. We started the tasting with it lightly chilled as you might do in in summer and early fall. The 2015 Saumur Champigny Montée des Roches was richer and deeper; its tannic structure buried under rich fruits. It was counterpoint to the first, a wine that people felt to be good companion to red meat.

The first white, the single vineyard 2015 Saumur Clos David showed young Cover with surprisingly strong acidities for its warm vintage. Arnaud felt that it another year or two would make it in to a more integrated wine. Nonetheless some liked it very much the way it is now and happily to it home. The 2014 Saumur Coulée de St-Cyr was delightfully at that stage already. Deep and complex, it showed the kind of complexity of which Chenin Blanc is capable are was very gratifying to drink now. It was my favorite.


Domaines Arnaud Lambert


Arnaud Lambert Crémant de LoireOrganic; Aroma: Light pretty, fresh fruit, light clean; Mouth: Fruity, fleshy fine mousse, fine acid, clean long finish; Very Good Plus 23.5; Mixed Case, 21.15; Case, 19.98

Arnaud Lambert Crémant de Loire RoséOrganic; Color: Very pale salmon; Aroma: Fleshy soft, clean ; Mouth: Rounded fruity, firm background of franc, fleshy rather fruity, rounded interpretation of the grape, fine, long acid on the finish; Very Good Plus 23.5; Mixed Case, 21.15; Case, 19.98


2016 Arnaud Lambert Saumur Clos Mazurique - Organic; Color: Medium dar; Aroma: Clean rather mineral rather fresh pretty, rosy, fine edge; Mouth: Cleanness sweet thrust, racy very clean very fine, pretty & forward, nice sweet finish, lithe and round; Very Good Plus 19.99; Mixed Case, 17.99; Case, 16.99

2015 Arnaud Lambert Saumur Champigny Montée des RochesOrganic; Aroma: very black cherry plum, ripe; Mouth: Juicy forward rather smooth pretty dense thick, easy drinking; Very Good Plus 35; Mixed Case, 31.5; Case, 29.75


2015 Arnaud Lambert Saumur Clos DavidOrganic; Aroma: Fresh, almond, mineral, clean, ; Mouth: Clean rather bright fresh, food-friendly acidity, lean racy fine, tight clean finish, long; Very Good - Excellent 40; Mixed Case, 36; Case, 34

2014 Arnaud Lambert Saumur Coulée de St-CyrOrganic; Aroma: Very deep dense Green plum, rather deep, lower toned tropical fruit notes; Mouth: Clean smooth rather finely delineated, deep, dusty herbal finish, long ripe; Very Good - Excellent 37; Mixed Case, 33.3; Case, 31.45


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