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Beaujolais Crus

Every wine was the favorite of more than one taster. The largest number seem to like the dark, deep, relatively thick fruit of Chermette's 2017 Domaine Vissoux St. Amour Champs Grilles.
October 3, 2018


It delivered a lot of flavor now. People wondered whether it would age. I think yes four, on the conservative side, at least another 3 to 4 years.

Stephane Aviron's wines showed more classical Beaujolais. His old vines

Moulin a Vent had good weight also. It's nicely rounded structure and minerality made it a more complex wine that a number of people found it very attractive. His Cote de Brouilly Vieilles Vigneswas a lighter simpler version with a pleasing taste of granite that attracted others.

The organic domain 2016 Domaine Capreoles Regnie Chamodere was medium weight and have a full nicely rounded fruit that others liked. Anne-Sophie Dubois' 2016 Fleurie Alchimiste started off leaner with lighter body but with exposure to the air fleshed out to a fuller richness and was a favorite toward the end of the tasting.

This tasting made one person change her opinion about red wine. She had thought that she didn't like reds at all. She found these Beaujolais's quite delightful until she got to Mee Godard's 2015 Morgon Corcelette. She discovered its structure, ie its acids and tannins, to be what she did not like about reds. More usual red wine drinkers found them exciting. The wine is big, dense, and rich full and promises a lot in terms of its potential for development over time. They liked it a lot.


Cru Beaujolais 

2016 Stéphane Aviron Cote de Brouilly Vieilles Vignes; Color: Light red black; Aroma: Heady rather clear see, dense; Mouth: Clean firm, sweet acid, juicy nice body firm; Very Good Plus 19.99; Mixed Case, 17.99; Case, 16.99

2016 Domaine Capreoles Regnie Chamodere - Organic; Color: medium dark; Aroma: clean edge, rather dense, heady fruit, very rich, purple rather dense; Mouth: clan bright acid , clan fine acid line nicely buttressed by fruit, plummy and a dark both racy and full, light acid finish; Very Good Plus 21; Mixed Case, 18.9; Case, 17.85

2016 Anne-Sophie Dubois Fleurie Alchimiste; Aroma: Heady very full, deep; Mouth: heady juicy very forward clean acid , lively & long long; Very Good Plus 26.99; Mixed Case, 24.29; Case, 22.94

2016 Stéphane Aviron Moulin-à-Vent Vieilles Vignes; Aroma: Bright fresh , clean rather pretty; Mouth: Very juicy at her pretty, fruity, juicy forward; Very Good Plus 25.99; Mixed Case, 23.39; Case, 22.09

2017 Domaine Vissoux St. Amour Champs Grilles; Color: Dense; Aroma: more structured, rather fresh, mineral granite; Mouth: Clean very dark plum and leather fruit, light background tannins, firm, layered, ather rich , fine acid; Very Good - Excellent 32; Mixed Case, 28.8; Case, 27.2

2015 Mee Godard Morgon Corcelette; Color: very dark; Aroma: bright, fine acid, spice, red back fruit, very rich; Mouth: deep fine acids rather broad, brown herb & granite, mouth clinging acidity, deep long finish; Very Good - Excellent 32; Mixed Case, 28.8; Case, 27.2


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