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Cherry and Nektar, Wine and Cider
March 1, 2017

Drew leads us in a different direction tonight, showcasing a range of refreshing, creative, award-winning ciders, meads and blends.


Drew writes,

B. Nektar was founded by husband and wife Brad and Keri Dahlhofer with their friend Paul Zimmerman Brad and Paul had a long history of home brewing and earned several awards.  In the summer of 2006 the three were enjoying glasses of vanilla cinnamon mead when Keri had the idea to take the leap to the next level. And that year B. Nektar was born. As it so happened, that fateful August day was also National Mead Day! The creativity of these three knows no bounds. They create delicious concoctions with diverse ingredients and off the wall names often influenced by off the beaten path pop culture references.


Stupid Man Suit:  A dark and stoic reference to the cult classic Donnie Darko. This cider blends raspberries, cherries and black currants. $9.00

Zombie Killer:  Their flagship and easily the most popular in their lineup. This particular mead is actually a triple threat as a mead and cider with cherries added. The blend of cider and mead is referred to as a cyser.  A mead with fruit is also called a melomel.  So therefore, we have Cyser melomel. $9.00

Mutant Killer Zombie Manhattan Project Thingy: I could believe this name. It is by far the furthest name out there that I have ever seen. This takes zombie killer and blends it with the zombies take Manhattan rye barrel aged mead. This happy compromise adds a subtle layer of complexity to the traditional zombie killer. $12.00

Zombies Take Manhattan: A nod to Jim Henson’s Muppets take Manhattan, this particular iteration takes the zombie killer to another level.  The zombie killer ages in rye barrels. $20.00

Dwarf Invasion:  This brew is named in honor of a mischievous sprite from French and Detroit folklore.  Cherry and hops are added to the mead to balance sweetness and juice with bitterness on the finish. $9.00

Cherry Chipotle: A simple name for a complex honey wine. A unique and surprising interplay of flavors come though perfectly in this unorthodox combination.  $14.00


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           - Drew Croswell


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