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2011 Valle Reale Montepulciano Vigneto Sant'Eusanio and 2013 Valle Reale Trebbiano Vigna del Convento di Capestrano
September 19, 2016

Road in Valle Reale  

Located in the green heart of Abruzzo, Valle Reale marks the geographical border among the Gran Sasso National Park, the Laga Mountains and the Majella National Park. It is the most authentic and representative expression of the highland of Central Italy, where the warm climate of this latitude is associated to severe winters and high mountains always covered with snow. It is a green paradise surrounded by a wild and unspoiled nature that makes the winery a real unique place. 

The vineyards grow on a very thin soil, very rich in skeleton with a light base of clay and slight sandy component. There are strong wide temperature ranges between day and night and maturations are very slow. The viticulture here requires patience and dedication. Several centuries ago, the history of Montepulciano d'Abruzzo begun exactly between these mountains and the Montepulciano cultivated in this area is one of the longest lasting wines of Italy. 

Starting from 2007 the winery only worked with natural yeasts, producing artisan wines with spontaneous fermentation. This process is possible only in very clean, protected and pure areas and guarantees to the wine an extraordinary and inimitable character. The wines from Valle Reale are characterized by balance, elegance, intense perfumes, longevity and the strong connotation with the territory of Abruzzo mountains.

We should just add that these two wines are coming in especially for us due to our relationship with the winery. The white is very small production and does not see many markets. The red is only available in Europe.

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2011 Valle Reale Vigneto di Sant'Eusanio Montepuliano d'Abruzzo 

The colour is attractively ruby. The nose is dominated by red and dark fruit, like blueberries and cherries but one can also trace some mulberry and a clean balsam note over the top. On the palate this is a medium-bodied wine with terrific acidity and  concentrated fruit flavours. Perfect structure and persistent finish seal the deal.  Very Good Plus to Excellent  21/bottle  114/six pack  214/case

2013 Valle Reale - Vigna del Convento di Capestrano - Trebbiano d'Abruzzo - Spontaneous Fermentation

Lemon-gold in color. Aromas of ripe lemons and tree fruits complement undertones of herbs and wildflowers. On the palate, the wine has crisp acidity and a full body leading to a pleasing finish where layers of complexity are gradually unveiled. The wine has not been filtered, which allows a better understanding for a terroir character.  Excellent  42.99/bottle  232/six pack  439/case


Special mixed case:  six bottles of each of the above for a special price of $326


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           - Peter Hemenway