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Great Deals on Great Italians
June 13, 2017


Castellare di Castellina  

Just back from a month in Italy, so Len thinks we should make some space for all the new (and older) vintages various producers are sending over to us. Today’s offer includes some of the very best wines in Italy and we are offering them to you at discounted prices. Bottles only of some of these wines. Offer made subject  to prior sale.


The hottest producer in Barolo today

2012 Burlotto Barolo Acclivi:  Reg 58/bottle  49/bottle net

The original “Barolo Boys”

2012 Ceretto Barolo:  Reg 58/bottle 49/bottle net

Great Nebbiolo/Barbera blend, just mature. For a weird foundation

2005 Pelissero Long Now:  Reg 64/bottle  54/bottle net

Great vintage, great producer, great vineyard

2010 Castello di Neive Barbaresco Santo Stefano :  Reg 64/bottle 54/bottle net

Giogio Pelissero’s best wine from a great vintage

2013 Pelissero Barbaresco Vanotu:  Reg 80/bottle 68/bottle net

Classic Barolo, hard to get

2011 Cappellano Barolo Rupestris:  Reg90/bottle 76/bottle net

The jewel of La Morra presents a classic Riserva

2012 Cordero di Montezemelo Barolo Enrico VI:  Reg 99/bottle 84/bottle net

Speaking of Riservas, does it get better than Bruno Rocca?

2011 Bruno Rocca Barbaresco Maria Adelaide:  Reg 112/bottle 95/bottle net

A great classic, give this one some time

2011 Giuseppe Mascarello Barolo Monprivato:  Reg 160/bottle 136/bottle net

Luciano and Luca, famous from the first bottle

2011 Sandrone Barolo Cannubi Boschis:  Reg 176/bottle 149/bottle net


Special producer, special vineyard, special clone, special Sangiovese

2013 Poggio Scalette Il Carbonaione:  Reg 64/bottle 54/bottle net

2010 Brunello from a great producer. Need we say more?

2010 Argiano Sesti Brunello di Montalcino:  Reg 85/bottle 72/bottle net

Great location and very traditional

2011 Canallicchio di Sopra Brunello di Montalcino:   Reg 89/bottle 76/bottle net

One of Tuscany’s greatest

2012 Castellare I Sodi di San Nicollo:  Reg 96/bottle  82/bottle net

And why not another one of Tuscany’s greatest

2012 San Giusto a Rentennano Percarlo:  Reg 112/bottle  95/bottle net

While we’re at it another one of Tuscany’s greatest

2012 Montevertine Le Pergole Torte:  Reg 125/bottle 106/bottle net

Don’t get mad at me, this is another one of Tuscany’s greatest

2010 Fontodi Flaccianello:  Reg 160/bottle 136/bottle net


Order by phone at 617.367.8605, or reserve here: order@federalwine.com


Please pass this on to any friends who are wine enthusiasts.


           - Peter Hemenway