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2017 Tasca d’Almerita Mozia Grillo Whitaker Foundation

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September 11, 2018


This wine has everything. It is excellent. There is amazing history here. It is unique and affordable. The best winery in Sicily makes the wine and it will allow you to be happy every time you serve it. The 2017 Tasca d’Almerita Grillo Mozia Whitaker Foundation is also the perfect seafood wine.

         On September 8 Tasca had a festival on Mozia called Phoenician Wine Day. Mozia, a small island off the coast of Sicily near Marsala, was used as a trade center by the Phoenician empire. After the empire disintegrated Mozia was forgotten. Then in the late 1800s Guiseppe Whitaker (Sicilian mother, English father) rediscovered it. He loved the island so much he actually bought it. He proceeded to begin restoring all the ancient sites and artifacts. He also replanted Grillo variety vineyards and made white wine. After Giuseppe died the Whitaker Foundation was formed and the entire island essentially became a museum. The Foundation also restored the ancient windmills that were used in salt extraction from the many lagoons. The Foundation then partnered with Tasca d’Almerita to grow the grapes and make the wine.


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2017 Tasca d’Almerita Mozia Grillo Whitaker:  Straw with green highlights. Pear and honeydew with notes of lemongrass, anise, and white pepper all framed in a bright balanced salinity.  Excellent  24.00/bottle 


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           - Peter Hemenway