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2011 Montes-Alpha Malbec

From the Other Side of the Andes
February 12, 2019


Montes-Alpha Malbec

Last week an importer presented us with a wine so delicious at a price so reasonable that we could not turn him down.

It comes from the famous Montes-Alpha estate in Chile’s Colchagua Valley, but it is not from the better known Cabernet or Merlot grapes but from the Malbec grape  which is much better known from Argentina on the other side of the Andes.

This is nothing like any of the Argentine malbecs we have tasted. It's not sharp; Its texture is rich and velvety. Its flavors, thewhat I think of as the essence of the malbec grape, like a deep andlively purple cherry, with just enough wood for accent and counterpoint. Its texture is smooth and layered, dense but not heavy.

The combination of flavors is intriguing. Power and intensity are given over to a supple lushness, 

Another virtue: it is mature, not a rush-to-judgment current release. Fourteen months in barrel followed by six years in bottle have mellowed and integrated it into a savory whole.

Most aged wines command a premium. We are getting this one at a discount because the vagaries of merchandising have forced the importer to replace his older stock with current releases.

Think of it as rich piquant  Malbec  done up as a far more expensive  Napa Valley Cab. It is one of the best values in mature winter weight wine that we have come across of late. Do not be put off by how cheap it is. It is very, very good.

 As with all good things, there are  limited quantities and we expect this to go very fast.

Arrives Wednesday.


2011 Montes Alpha Malbec(Colchagua, Chile) was $23, now 16.99, Special 13.99 by the case of 12.


Order by phone at 617.367.8605, or reserve here: order@federalwine.com


           - Len Rothenberg