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2011 Il Chiosso Gattinara

Affordable Substitute for Barolo
June 3, 2019


Celestial Clock

The back story here is that they have been growing Nebbiolo in a different part of Piedmont for hundreds of years. One of the most famous of these locations in the upper Piedmont is Gattinara. In fact, before the world wars, Gattinara was more famous than Barolo. After the wars a lot of people left the area and moved to the cities for jobs. A few producers stayed and we have been carrying the best of those for years. The rest of the area is now being revived.

Along came Carlo Cambieri who in 2007 partnered with winemaker Marco Arlunno to create Il Chiosso. These guys are passionate and have the utmost respect for the nature of their terroir. All of their labels are taken from an illustrated Italian treatise on the phases of the moon. The 2011 Il Chiosso Gattinara is traditional, natural, 100% Nebbiolo and affordable. It is made from some of the best old vine vineyards in Gattinara.


2011 Il Chiosso Gattinara: This wine reminds me of walking through the mountains with a stiff breeze, aromas of fruits, nuts and flowers wafting through the air. The palate is taking in the view, perhaps noticing some wildlife, and having a deep conversation with a friend. Very Good Plus to Excellent 38/bottle 


Special six pack/205 (34/bottle) 

Special case/388 (32/bottle)


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           - Peter Hemenway