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2019 Domaine Pelle Menetou-Salon Morogues Les Blanchais

The Best ‘Sancerre’ Outside Sancerre
April 26, 2022


Pelle Menetou-Salon


At the same time, as Sancerre has soared in popularity, climate conditions have severely reduced the size of its harvests. Springtime frosts have devastated its vineyards in 2021 and probably this year also. It will soon be in very short supply with much higher prices. 

Some of the best Sauvignons in the region around Sancerre come from Menetou-Salon twenty-minute drive to its west. There the best vineyards are in the commune MoroguesDomaine Pelle is the benchmark for all the growers there. The acme of The Pelle Domaine is their stunning single-vineyard offerings. The best of these is arguably Les Blanchais, a northwest-facing vineyard of chalk and limestone with a touch of flint. Its old vines were planted in 1966. Its wine rivals Sancerre in style and quality.

The Domaine was founded by Henry Pelle early in the last century, but his son Eric brought it to prominence. In 2009 Eric's son Paul-Henry took over. Informed by study in Burgundy and stages with Olivier Lamy and Benjamin Leroux, he brought a Burgundian sensibility to the Domaine's wines. Under his direction, its reputation has attained even greater heights.

Last year Decanter's "20 Top rated Sauvignon Blancs in France" included the 2019 Pelle Blanchais along with the far more expensive Alphonse Mellot's rare and reserve Sancerre Generations and Lucien Crochet's Reserve Sancerre Cailloux.

2020 is a banner year for Loire whites. Its wines are vibrant, rich, and concentrated. But this is in part because the vintage is smaller. They are very forward and will show well early.

But there is little of them. We are getting only ten cases of Les Blanchais this year. No one else is getting any.

2020 Domaine Henry Pellé Menetou Salon Les BlanchaisVery Good – Excellent $37; Special case 359.88, (29.99)


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