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2018 Tornatore Etna Bianco Pietrarizzo

The New Champion
June 9, 2020


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Imagine a premier poker tournament in Las Vegas in which all the few leading champions of the world are playing. A newcomer to the tournament from a far away place that no one has ever heard of wins. Well, welcome the Carricante grape grown on Mount Etna in Sicily to the table of the best white wines in the world.

The first Carricante wine I ever had was at a lunch in Randazzo on Mount Etna with the winemaker Don Peppino. The wine was 40 years old and utterly amazing. This is a high acid grape that in a very long growing season such as on cool Mt Etna, produces wines that are complex, complete and age worthy. The Tornatore Pietrarizzo is an extraordinary example.

The Tornatore family winery dates back to 1865 with vineyards on the upper and northern slopes of Mount Etna. Today’s offer is for the 2018 Tornatore Etna Bianco Pietrarizzo.. Pietrarizzo is one of the finest vineyards in the subzone of Castiglione di Sicilia. You can’t believe the particular magic of this area with its biodiversity, high elevation and volcanic soil. The wine is made principally with Carricante grapes and a portion of Catarratto.

The family considers themselves to be stewards of Etna. This wine is a star for your finest social moments.


2018 Tornatore Etna Bianco Pietrarizzo: Straw yellow. Intense, elegant with apricot notes, orange zest, toast and green apple. Fresh, savory, saline, and floral with a creamy old vine texture and a complex finish.  Excellent  32/bottle  324, a case of 12 (27), 174/six pack (29/bottle)


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           - Peter Hemenway




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