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Robert Foley

A good turnout last week despite the competition of Good Friday and Passover. People loved the wines, as well as Bob Foley and Kelly his wife. People were surprised at the white and rosé wines and impressed very deeply with the two Cabernets.
March 30, 2018

His only white wine, facetiously labeled Robert Foley White Winewas much more interesting than you would expect from California.  A blend of Viognier, Marsanne, and Roussanne, it was livelier than most of its peers from the southern Rhone, and was appetizing company to a salmon appetizer.

2017 Robert Foley Hawksbill Rose of Pinot Noir is a saigneeof the Hudson Pinot. It showed a nicely fruited and roundly juicy strawberry Pinot fruit. It would make a nice aperitif.

         The 2013 Robert Foley Pinot Noir from Carneros's Hudson Vineyard was a very good North Coast Pinot. It had both a heady sensuality and layered depth, plummy and rich, seamless without off-notes or protuberant tannins.

2014 Robert Foley Charbono was again a hit. It is rare in California. Only about three wineries make it. Foley's rendition showed softer and more of a creamily blueberry than in my notes below. We have the all of the 2 cases left.

         I loved TheGriffin a "bit of everything" wine, a melange including some less usual grapes of which Bob is fond; charbono, petite sirah, Malbec, together with mainstays merlot, syrah and cabernet. The combination, especially in the very good 2015 vintage, makes for a strikingly successful wine, one that combines spicy notes with a rich deep and smooth texture.

Merlotwas popular. Bob's has much to recommend it, a very friendly wine, pure and rounded with some depth and richness.

         The two Cabernetbased wines made a strong impression . They bloomed after we double decanted them a couple of hours in advance. The 2012 Napa Cabernetshowed rich and  concentrated.The2013 Claret, a Cabernet based blend, was rich and powerful, as dense and layered, as one could want from Napa. It is a great cellarable wine that will last a good ten to twenty years.

         People, including one of our more sophistcated tasters ordered the  2013 Robert Foley Touriga. Made like a port, from the Portuguese varietals that define that wine, it was a wine softer richer than most ports but at the same time with some soft structure wine. Its tannins are granular, not hard.



2014 Robert Foley White WineOrganic; Aroma: fresh clean rather ripe full, pretty fine, grapey; Mouth: juicy forward, grippy acidity, lively, clean, Lively grape forward, juicy, rather long, star fruit, & green plum; Very Good Plus32; Mixed Case, 28.8; Case, 27.20



2017 Robert Foley Hawksbill Rose of Pinot Noir;Color: very pale clean; Aroma: pretty light clean, rather fresh; Mouth: fleshy sweet rounded, light acid juicy dense, spicy, fat; Very Good Plus21; Mixed Case, 18.9; Case, 17.85



2013 Robert Foley Pinot Noir HudsonOrganic; Color: bright red black; Aroma: fresh rather pretty, fresh clean, pinot; Mouth: smooth clean light fresh, juicy, firm, rather clean mineral, firm, plummy finely structured dense, spicy finish; Very Good - Excellent 64; Mixed Case, 57.6; Case, 54.4

2014 Robert Foley CharbonoOrganic; Aroma: heady dense, full lighter clean, spicy, herbal oak limned; Mouth: clean rather sweet fruit, bright aid, fine tannins, age worthy, sweet rather clean, long young; Very Good - Excellent; 43; Mixed Case, 38.7; Case, 36.55  less than 2 cases left

2015 Robert Foley The GriffinOrganic; Color: medium dark; Aroma: sweet on the attack, freshly aromatic with notes of tobacco and sweet spice; very pretty; Mouth: clean fine acid, smooth, light and lifted, rather intense, complex with sweet spice and, smooth textured and rich; Very Good - Excellent43; Mixed Case, 38.7; Case, 36.55

2012 Robert Foley Cabernet SauvignonOrganic; Color: very dark opaque; Aroma: heady, reserved, deep chewy lifted, rather dense firm; Mouth: light pretty very sweet, rich fine tannins, sweet rich clean Excellent100; Mixed Case, 90; Case, 85

2013 Robert Foley ClaretOrganic; Color: Very dark very dense Aroma: light delicate clean, elegant rather fresh, firm dense, light sweet franc, juicy; Mouth: clean smooth dense pretty fine aid elegant fine tannins, smooth sweet oak, extracted fruit; Excellent - Outstanding145; Mixed Case, 130.5; Case, 123.25



2013 Robert Foley Touriga (Port-style) 375 ml 43; Mixed Case, 38.7; Case, 36.55


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            - Len Rothenberg