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Great Deals in Bordeaux and the Rhone

It was like an adult version of a college mixer; a nice group of people met a nice group of wines at nice value and took most of them home.
January 9, 2019


People scooped up much of all the wines. We still have left a case or two of the Ch. Puyanche, and about a case each of the two Rhones, the 2013 Domaine La Barroche Chateauneuf du Pape  and the 2015 Francois Villard Cote Rotie Le Gallet Blanc. 

Great Discounts on Two Fine Red Rhones

The family-run Domaine la Barroche benefits from vineyards that represent the range of soils of Chateauneuf, from sand to sandstone to the rounded cailloux  that many think to be classic. The wines are suave and sophisticated, especially in the more structured but lighter 2013 vintage. It is more poised than powerful, elegant for the appelation. This Chateauneuf will give lots of pleasure while you wait for the bigger 2015s and 2016s to come around.

Unlike the oceans of wine in the southern Rhone, the syrah vineyards in the north are much smaller and produce much less. This has driven prices for the esteemed and desired appellations of Cote Rotie and Hermitage into a Burgundian stratosphere, even for more mediocre wines.

Francois Villard is in the upper echelon of producers. His 2015 Francois Villard Cote Rotie Le Gallet Blanc is superb, with all the higher toned raciness of Cote Rotie balanced by the ripe fruit of 2015 Still a bit young but characteristic, it will make wonderful drinking iover the next few years. We made a special purchase and can offer what was an $80+ wine at $49.99. Some is going in my cellar, but I will make sure there is some left.

"The [2015 Villard] Gallet Blanc seduces with its fruit and peppery side. The oak treatment is nuanced and the cuvee is very nicely balanced." RVF Guide to the Best Wines of France 2018 

Red Bordeaux

2015 Ch. Puyanche (Bordeaux); Color: very dark; Aroma: heady nicely ripe , very pretty fruity with fine acidity, ; Mouth: smooth clean, nicely herbal, good character from the cabernet Franc ; Very Good Was 14.99 Now 11.99 NET

Great Discounts on Two Fine Red Rhones 

2013 Domaine La Barroche Chateauneuf du Pape; Color: very dark opaque, ; Aroma: bright raher clean silky, fresh light rather clean, , fresh; Mouth: smooth rather sweet, clean bright acid, a touch over ripe, sweet finish lighter, very smooth texture, sweet fruit, a touch of garrigue on the finish; Very Good - Excellent Was 56 Now 39.99 NET

2015 Francois Villard Cote Rotie Le Gallet Blanc; Color: very dark opaque, rather dense; Aroma: very dark rather dense spicy, , very deep raher dense, full, more fruit than character; Mouth: clean lighter smooth texture fleshy in the middle, rather fine tannins, very fine acid astringency in the finish, long, somewhat reserved in character; Excellent Was 83; Now 49.99 NET


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